What is Re-Portal Client?

How does it work?

Each new brief document launches a job number and audit trail for every project. Designers upload artwork to be checked and commented on, as it moves to approval and deployment or print. Allocated stakeholders are notified by email with every update.

Why use it?

To avoid loss of time and resources from confused messaging, multiple versions, multiple artworkers, lost communication and missing artwork.

Where does it come from?

It comes from a busy agency that wanted to maintain quality and deliver high levels of service through a clear audit trail and accountability on every project.

I like it, what do I do?

Get in touch. We'll set up a portal for you. After the first three months, you can dip out, if it's not working for you.

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  • One central, secure repository for all submitted briefs, incidental documentation and artwork files by project
  • Dedicated brief document prompts correct input
  • Multiple artworkers or marketeers on same project with no loss of progress control
  • Real-time activity notification to every stakeholder specific to each job
  • Administration rights ensure discretion (Artworkers and agencies can be included or omitted as required by job)
  • Easy timelog and display of each instruction set. A transparent, chronological audit trail on every job
  • Assess marketing/agency efficiency by job and number of input phases for each project
  • Unique cataloguing and archiving by project of all working files for easy future reference
  • Closed user group forum


Re-Portal Client is based on £10.00 per user, per month, with a three month trial period. You can have your own branded portal for £15.00 a month. You can have unlimited artworkers, designers etc for each user. You can transfer logins when the administrator is away, but only one user may use the same account at the same time.
We have realised what a great help Re-Portal is for managing marketing workflow, and how easy it is to work with. We expect to market Re-Portal as a commodity, and have priced it accordingly.
We have only just started marketing Re-Portal. It has proven to be an invaluable tool for helping marketeers manage multiple artworkers for over 5 years, and it has been subject to ongoing improvement over that period. It is now ready to go to market. We expect to add new features as its use is broadened, and we will create a user forum.
Yes it does, you can review stats on volumes, entries, deadlines hit and missed, high input (and maybe problem) jobs and individuals.
Each stakeholder, by job, is notified by email immediately somebody adds an entry to a project they are associated with. By looking at the portal a traffic light shows when an artwork update has been made. Designers and Account Holders can see, at a glance, which projects have received new instructions and who needs to respond.
There should ideally be 8 entries per job. That is; you upload a brief (and maybe a PO), one set of questions from the artworker, you respond, first design submission, one set of changes from you, final artwork upload, approval, and submission of high res. file or .html file for deplyment. You can have unlimited entries. Projects with multiple entries usually indicate a complex project or one rthat has gone wrong!
Re-Portal encourages best practice. A heirachy should be established at your end, with one overall decision maker, set out at the beginning of each project on the brief document.
You can only have one client user at any one time, so you can pass your login to another member of the marketing team while you are away, and you can set up additional email notification too. Two users cannot use the same account at the same time. You can add new client-side user accounts with a new subscription at any time.
Yes. You need to upload them one entry at a time - logos, artwork, word documents, .pdfs. They should be no bigger than 16MB, they can be any file type, just be sure your artworker can open them with the correct application.
You can upload our standard unbranded template, or you can create your own corporate branded template.
Yes, you can change a deadline or a first pass date. Default periods between UPLOAD > FIRST PASS > DEPLOYMENT can be set, or due dates can be amended by individual job at any time.
Yes, you will need to set up each new contact, they will be notified by email for as along as you want them to work on that project. There will be no extra cost for this.
Each brief upload sets a job number. A search facility uses that number to find closed jobs (You can also search by project name or by client) Each project contains all the iterations of each project up to, and including, final artwork. Best practice is to ask your designers and artworkers to add the reference number to the artwork itself and archive files in folders with the same number.
As 'Open' (the first screen shows all open projects) as 'Closed' and 'Pending' (Artwork finished and agreed but waiting to be deployed or sent to print).


Re-Portal is a great management tool. We can make sure jobs stay on track and identify when and where issues have occurred.

It's clear when there has been a good brief and good execution from the number of phases before a project is signed off.

No more worries about version control.

If we want to revise a closed project, we simply pick up the original artwork and set it as a new project.

Marketing management has a clear view of every phase of every project.